// APR. 23, 2019
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Will Fitzner - 19 Years Old 


This place is awesome!
The owner Lance is one of the most unique and interesting characters in all of the city of Calgary. I was unaware of just how important foot health was, but Lance explained everything, and its like my eyes have been opened.

Brett Williams - 23 Years Old 


CBC Foot Products is wicked.

I ride mountain bikes semi-professionally, and hit 20-30 foot jumps. The impact on my feet and knees is brutal, but after the free foot assessment from Lance, I'am way more informed on how I can take better care of my self as I get older. Thanks Lance!!!

Linda Brown - 55 Years Old 


I have been a customer at CBC Foot Products for my orthotics for over 15 years.

I want to write this review because I am continually impressed with their excellent customer service and *lifetime warranty*. Lance (the owner) and Richard both genuinely care about my comfort and overall well being. They are very resourceful and will patiently continue experimenting and adjusting until the solution is found! I do not feel a sense of rush during an appointment and feel 100% in great hands at CBC!

Greg Okafor - 34 Years Old 

I was recently experiencing a lot of back and foot pain, which was making my life very difficult.

I couldn't even watch my favorite netflix shows without feeling like the devil himself was crawling up and down my spine.

I stopped by the location after seeing their great reviews, and was met by the wonderful energy of Lance and Richard. They treated me like I was royalty, and took great care in assessing my foot composition.
I decided to purchase a custom orthotic, and upon delivery, I was amazed at how much relief it provided my feet and back.
My life has been drastically improved by CBC, and I cannot reccomend them enough. Do yourself a favor and stop by CBC Foot products as soon as you can. The assessments are free and the warranty on their orthotics is LIFETIME!
Okay peeps, peace out, keep it buzzin'


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